Thursday, March 1, 2012


For the last two years I have enjoyed introducing my students to the world of blogging. Published work takes on a new meaning when people from all over the world can leave comments and give feedback. Students can post their essays and stories by typing them directly onto the blog. Handwritten works and illustrations can be scanned and displayed as images within the blog post. With programs like Sketchcast, Prezi, and Vocaroo, students can also post amazing presentations!

Here is an example of an elementary blog from Healthfield CPS - Year 5 Class Blog
This is a kindergarten site with fun student work - Kindergarten Tales
I designed this blog to showcase student work and to discuss literature - Ink Slingers & Bookworms

With free sites like Blogger and Word Press, blogging is easy and affordable. Students will love publishing their work online and waiting for comments! I know I do.

Blog ya later,

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